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sweet by Belen

Belen Bailey is an 8th grade Spanish teacher who loves to bake homemade South American pastries. An immigrant from Peru, Bailey created Sweets by Belen in honor of her mom and grandmother, who worked tirelessly to satisfy their family's sweet tooth.

Sweets by Belen are created with the finest original ingredients from her family’s recipes to create the most delicious desserts you have ever tasted.

Mission Statement

Sweets by Belen is committed to bringing a smile whatever the occasion by providing the perfect sweet for each of you.


Sweets by Belen enjoys making sweets and we are passionate about it. We are a company who cares about our community in Texas and Peru. We donate regularly to charities and events supporting worthy causes. We contribute to a variety of charitable organizations like:

Tower of Hope Ministries
Peruvian Foundation for the Arts and Education
Peruvian Educational Project
Peruvian Professionals of Houston
Balet Folklorico Raices del Peru
and many more.


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